Litrahb Perfumery, founded by art critic Bharti Lalwani in 2018, takes a conceptual approach to scent by translating memories, textures and flavours into a multi-faceted fragrance-experience.

LP is a zero-waste practice that employs little to no plastic packaging. Precious silks and brocades are hand-stitched to create personalised pouches instead of wasteful paper and cardboard boxes. Clients are encouraged to return their silver pillboxes for a refill or re-purpose the silver as a precious heirloom.


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Bharti trained as an artist at the prestigious Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design in London and later at The Sotheby's Institute of Art in Singapore. Over a decade as an independent critic, Bharti has produced a formidable body of work. While she writes on international art, much of her criticism is focused on contemporary art in Southeast Asia. Having spent over twenty years of her life in Lagos, Nigeria, Bharti has moved across several countries and career paths. After her move to India in 2013, she found herself as a pioneering independent perfumer in an otherwise male dominated and close-knit industry of distillers, aroma chemical traders and attar-wallahs.

In 2017, Bharti decided to respond to three museum-exhibitions of Southeast Asian contemporary art through distinct scents that were repulsive-attractive yet playful and highly charged, reflective of the provocative exhibitions themselves. Upon further experimentation and research into raw materials, a range of original gourmand fragrances were created in quick succession. She found that her training as an art critic and a journalist equipped her with sharp instincts and the ability to produce original work within an old, traditional and Euro-centric field. A selection of her published art criticisms can be found here.