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INR 7,000 / USD 100

Our seasonal perfumes are set in pure silver compacts and wrapped in hand-stitched silk cloth. Each compact contains upto 3 grams of perfume-concentrate which is fixed in a formulation of beeswax, jojoba, sandalwood and labdanum.


Select a perfume from our Perfume of the Season page. If you are based outside of India - unfortunately we cannot ship silver or any precious metal for the moment due to Covid-19 related  shipping restrictions being enforced since March 2020. 

For our international clients we offer 8ml perfume oil-concentrate in hand blown glass bottles custom-designed for Litrahb perfumery. 

We do not offer samples for sale. 


USD 180

8ml perfume oil-concentrate in hand blown glass bottles custom-designed for Litrahb perfumery. Each glamorous bottle is wrapped in mul-cotton fabric. 

Extrait de Parfum (ExdP) is formulated with 40% perfume concentrate in a sandalwood and jojoba oil dilution. A small dab on your skin will last for hours. 

Our ExdP is an option for our international Patrons to whom we cannot ship silver pillboxes or any precious metal outside India due to Covid-19 related  shipping restrictions, 

Select a perfume from our Perfume of the Season page. 

We do not offer samples for sale. 


USD 280


"Mitti" produced in a special brass compact. This traditional, solid brass object is weighty, its chamber can carry upto 15 grams of solid perfume, and the air tight lid screws on with ease.  

10 grams of solid perfume-concentrate fixed in a formulation of beeswax, jojoba, sandalwood and labdanum.

(We can ship brass internationally, but not silver) 


Bespoke perfume needle.jpg
Bespoke perfume1.jpg

USD 650

Litrahb Perfumery offers a personalized perfumery service to private patrons. Conversations with the client explore their scent-memories and associations with floral, musk or gourmand notes. The resulting perfume is produced as Eau de Toilette, perfume-soap, and solid perfume (or as perfume oil), packaged in a hand-stitched silk brocade pouch. 

What Patrons say about their Bespoke Perfumes:

"It is really amazing that you were able to bottle the sensuality I imagined from basically three words in an Instagram chat: “clean”, “fresh” and “cardamom”.  Your experience with scents allowed you to balance out the perfume with other notes. You consulted with me along the way so I did not have to worry about any unwanted components ending up in the scent. It is kind of wild that even though I am in Japan and you in India and we have yet to meet, we were able to successfully define and create this signature scent. I am still really, really enjoying my scent." – Michelle (Japan) 


USD 150

Litrahb Perfumery offers Patrons a rare opportunity to explore perfumery over a leisurely two hour in-person session.


The session begins with an introduction to our signature perfumes followed by a critical insight into the various facets of fragrance and flavour; how to think about and analyse scent. Patrons can learn about botanical ingredients, different extraction processes, fragrance composition and olfactive techniques. Most importantly, this session provides access to synthetic and natural materials so one gains first hand experience of the differences between a material such as Rose Absolute and their synthetic counterparts. The 2 hour session also includes a break for gin or coffee-tasting where one can experience our signature Edible Perfumes™ such as 'Malli-Kaapi. 

What Patrons say about our Scent Session:

"I’ve never enjoyed buying perfume. Strolling around duty free counters randomly spritzing bottles that catch my eye until I have no pulse points left and my companions want to pass out from the confusion - This is just not my style. But taking a two hour smelling session with Bharti was the absolute antithesis. It’s so rare to sit with a perfumer and have them share knowledge of their ingredients and craft. Bharti patiently took me through each perfume one by one and had me reaching for each sample over and over to take a whiff. This sort of approach to buying perfume I can get on board with!" – Sheena, Artist and Editor of Lover magazine, Pune, India


"I have known Bharti as an art critic but when she invited me for a special smell session at her studio in Pune, I was surprised to see how seamlessly she has transitioned into the complex world of perfumery. Among her signature solid perfumes, I had commissioned her to create Green Chutney as a wedding gift for a friend. It came in a silver box and hand stitched silk pouch. Oddly, I never gifted it and kept it for myself. Every time I apply it transports me to my favourite monsoon mood of rains and fried finger food. It travels with me in my tote bag no matter where I go, be it a local jaunt or an international trip!" – Abhinit Khanna, Art consultant Bombay, India


INR 1,000

Art Critic and Perfumer Bharti Lalwani invites India-based audiences to participate in a thought experiment:


Consider for a moment that it is possible to live within an ecosystem wherein one could indulge in desire, consumption and joy - but without exploiting labour and/or creating waste that ends up in our oceans.


Litrahb Perfumery proposes one way of indulging in a decadent fragrance experience - Send us your miniature perfume bottles instead of discarding them, and we'll fill it with a mystery fragrance and post it back to you in the same packaging (so please pack wisely - reuse a box and seal with paper tapes). 


1. Gather all your miniature bottles and post them to me. Each bottle should be no more than 6ml 


2. Post them to me in responsible and sturdy packaging which I WILL REUSE to post back to you. Email us your bottle details. 


3. Each bottle will be filled with not more than three types of mystery fragrances, at INR 1000 / perfume bottle 


4. No trash should be generated from this project, please use paper tapes to seal your boxes. 


5. Participants in this project should be from India only. Shipping perfume overseas gets complicated and expensive

//Instead of the anti-capitalist ‘no logo’ call for a retreat from semiotic productivity, why not an embrace of all the mechanisms of semiotic-libidinal production in the name of a post-capitalist counterbranding? ‘Radical chic’ is not something that the left should flee from — very much to the contrary, it is something that it must embrace and cultivate. For didn’t the moment of the left’s failure coincide with the growing perception that ‘radical’ and ‘chic’ are incompatible? Similarly, it is time for us to reclaim and positivise sneers such as ‘designer socialism’ — because it is the equation of the ‘designer’ with ‘capitalist’ that has done so much to make capital appear as if it is the only possible modernity.//

Extract from POST-CAPITALIST DESIRE, Mark Fisher in What Are We Fighting For: A Radical Collective Manifesto

Eds., F. Campagna, E. Campiglio (Pluto Press, 2012), p. 179-189

*Nothing made by LP ends up in a landfill. 


Limited edition Perfume Soaps are created from autumn through to summer. These are created in editions of 10 or under using our signature perfume-blends so that folks who would like to experience Litrahb Perfumery can start with a purchase of our soaps. As we do not offer fragrance-discovery sets, our hand-crafted jewel-toned perfume soaps are the best way to indulge in our range of fragrances.


USD 28/ Made on request

This 'Basant' season, limited editions of 'SHAMAMA' Perfume Soap are available. A heritage fragrance, Shamama attar has been formulated in India for decades using classic floral, wood and spice ingredients. Rose, sandalwood, saffron and spices such as nutmeg, cardamom, and clove are key components of our 'Shamama', blended to produce this precious scent as a decadent Soap.


7 Editions. 120g

Made with genuine rose, sandalwood, saffron and spice extracts.

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