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The Malli Kaapi Synesthesia Experience

In December 2020, JK DeLapp commissioned Litrahb Perfumery to create 5 Editions of this set for The Rising Phoenix Perfumery (USA).The set is available for USD 250 at Delapp’s shop and includes:

1. Malli Kaapi perfume oil (5ml)

2. Malli Kaapi edible perfume (40 gm)

3. Rose Cardamom ‘Jade’ perfume soap (60gm)

4. Dark Chocolate – Cardamom (100gm)

5. Dark Chocolate – Coffee (100gm)

An intoxicating fragrance that combines the heady perfume of Jasmine buds or Malli, with the stimulating bitterness of coffee (Kaapi) and spice:

Perfume: Malli-Kaapi can be best described as an unusual ‘dirty-floral’, earthy, spicy, sweaty-smokey accord that goes high to low and back again. Its prime ingredients-- Jasmine Sambac and Coffee CO2 extracts are fused with a blend of frankincense, South Asian spices and ambery-sweet citrus. This fragrance is meant to take you to the heart of South India's Margazhi festival (a month long winter celebration devoted to traditional music, poetry and dance). Imagine a world of rustling silk sarees amidst mellifluous music, the aroma of innumerable jasmine gajras, mouth-watering snacks and filter kaapi being served. Our perfume oil is created in a base of sandalwood, jojoba oil, beeswax infused with labdanum. The presence of beeswax in this formulation may make this 5ml perfume oil semi-solid in winter.

Edible Perfume Ingredients: CO2 Extracts of jasmine sambac, coffee, davana, hemidesmus, cardamom, have been pounded in with castor sugar, Himalayan salt, sandalwood powder, orange peel and spices such as: green and black cardamom, star anise, black pepper, clove, ginger, bay leaf, nutmeg crushed with a few grams of ambergris and tonka bean. Measuring spoon included – A pinch goes a long way.

‘Jade’ perfume soap: A moisturising soap infused with cardamom and rose oil. The rose is a mix of essential oil and minor percentage of synthetic. Our soaps are made by hand and sealed in beeswax to protect from moisture. Please use a peeler to peel a thin layer of the wax off the sides of the soap, the rest slides off easily. Place the soap in a glove and you’re good to go. You may compost the beeswax or save it for a candle making project. You may also roll the wax fragments into a ball and rub it along stuck wooden drawers and doors.

Dark Chocolates: The cardamom and coffee editions of just 5 have been made exclusively for Litrahb Perfumery, by Goa-based ethical chocolate-smith Aljai Singh of IXCACAO INDICA. She picks the beans herself from small scale cocoa farmers in Kerala. By supporting her small scale ethical practice, we in turn support our farmers who are currently facing a crisis, and protesting against egregious deregulations by the central government. Read more about the facts here:

*Nothing made by LP ends up in a landfill. All packaging is minimal and plastic free as possible, kindly repurpose your containers and bottles.


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