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Winter 2020 – Spring 2021

items include: Vintage brass bowl, glass stance for incense, miniature palm broom, incense packet, chocolate bar, bath scrub and soap.


Incense: This season our latest Synesthesia Boxes come with two types of incense – Cow dung + Frankincense and Vetiver. These specially commissioned batches of incense have been made by one of the oldest aggarbatti workshops in Pune, and infused with our perfume oil-blend. Perfume notes: Sweet mango, rose and spice. We seek to keep our incense mild, but for an even mellow incense experience, light one for just 8 minutes in a well ventilated space. 20 sticks of each of the two varieties, 40 sticks in all. Burn time: 30 minutes.

Edible Perfume: The ‘Gul Ishaboor’ edition of dark chocolates are infused with Sandalwood and Co2 Extracts of Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Vetiver, Ginger, cardamom with just a hint of Tonka Bean. Our ethical bean to bar chocolatier, Ixcacao Indica, takes our edible perfume blend and creates exclusive editions just for Litrahb Perfumery.

Perfume Soap: The new edition of soap is imbued with the latest fragrance. The cotton flower is dipped in the perfume blend and encased in the soap.  The flower functions as a scent diffuser with each use on the skin while the glycerine-aloe soap is perfectly moisturising for the winter season. Notes: mango, frankincense, rose, jasmine, vanilla and spice.


Each of our soaps are sealed in beeswax and require to be peeled before use.


Instructions: Place the soap in a bowl of hot water to soften the wax and to introduce moisture to the soap. Use a potato peeler to shave the wax off the sides, after which the wax should peel easily off the surface of the soap. Put the soap in an exfoliating glove and you’re good to go.


What our Patrons say:

The idea of the Gul Ishaboor Synesthesia Box was too much to resist, but far out sparkled my expectations. At once beautiful and enlightening, this box provides different forms of the same refrain, whether it is through the soap, the perfumed oil, the scented brush or the different forms of incense, one has a unique opportunity to explore Bharti’s talents through each different facet of the jewel-like fragrance. Brava!

Alexander Greene
Raymond Chandler Ltd.
Virgil Literary Management



Fall - Winter 2020

items include: Vintage brass bowl, glass stance for incense, miniature palm broom, incense packet, chocolate bar, bath salt and perfume soap.


Incense: A local workshop in Pune makes the best natural incense I’ve come across in a long long time. I commissioned them to make me a kilo of Gingerlilly incense which I dipped by hand into my Smoked patchouli Perfume blend, then left them to cure for a month. The perfume contains extracts of Himalayan cedarwood, juniper, black pepper, ginger in a blend of patchouli and vetiver. As the incense aired out over four weeks, the sharpness of the gingerlilly went quiet and absorbed the subtleties of Smoked Patchouli. Each incense packet is wrapped in hand-painted silk fabric that can be repurposed as a pocket square. Perfume notes: High altitude cedar forests and mist – perfect for the monsoon weather.

Vintage brass bowl for glass holder: The glass-incense holder can be securely placed within the bowl to minimize the risk of tripping over the incense while it is lit. Each vintage brass bowl has been sourced from Pune’s long established antique dealers. Family names inscribed on each bowl are left undisturbed while the brand ‘Litrahb Perfumery’ has been inscribed with the same traditional hand beaten techniques. These bowls were very likely wedding gifts for family and friends.

Handmade Broom: Natural palm-fibre brooms have been made by a woman who usually makes her own brooms to sweep the streets of Navi Peth, Pune. Once she makes these palm-sized brooms to my specifications, I clean, cut, dye each one, as well as loop the handle with twine for a better grip. I then perfume them with juniper and cedarwood oils to keep insects at bay. Use this miniature broom to sweep away the ash, or use it as I do, to dust crumbs off your table. 

Smoked Patchouli Bath Salt: 100 grams of Epsom salt mixed with powdered Himalayan cedarwood, juniper and celery seed. I sourced these from my supplier and Patron who provides me with high grade and medicinally potent botanicals such as cedarwood, dried costus root etc. the new bath salt. comes in securely wrapped cotton squares – you may drop this into your hot bath as is (or steep for 15 min in hot water just below boiling point). While the salt dissolves, the leftover powder can be composted. 

*As we don’t have bath tubs in modern homes, I suggest dropping it in ankle deep hot water in a bucket to make a herbal foot soak (which are favourably prescribed for numerous ailments in Tradition Chinese Medicine).


Edible Perfume 'Smoked Patchouli' Chocolate: A special edition 100 gm chocolate bar made by my extraordinary friend Aljai Singh (IXCACAO INDICA) who is an ethical bean to bar chocolate maker based in Goa. She sources her cocoa from co-ops in Kerala and Karnataka. A stickler for proper fermentation process of the cocoa bean, her micro-batch chocolates sell out fast. I commissioned her to translate my perfume into an exceptional dark chocolate experience. This limited batch is composed of 72% cocoa, Goan grown cracked black pepper corns, Irish Sea salt and organic ginger powder from a cooperative in Karnataka.

Perfume Soap: This Charcoal-based soap is mildly scented with Smoked patchouli perfume, and the combination Himalayan botanical powders in it act as a gentle exfoliant.



USD 1000++

Litrahb Perfumery works with clients across the globe to create bespoke fragrance and flavour experiences. A personalized Synesthesia set is typically produced over a period of 10 weeks after extensive conversations with the client that explore their scent-memories and associations with botanical ingredients and gourmand-notes. The resulting box includes the bespoke fragrance in various iterations: Eau de Parfum, perfume-soap, solid perfume, perfume oil, incense, Edible Perfume, and bespoke blends of tea or coffee.


This one of a kind artistic production also includes one vintage brass element and a custom-made glass incense holder. 


Incense + Chocolate


Made on request 

If you missed out on our Synesthesia Box –  launched only in editions of 10 – you might want to try the more compact experience of our incense paired with a specially commissioned dark chocolate bar.



1. Rose Sherbet incense possesses clean notes of camphor, rose and a mild citrus. 

2. Gul Ishboor incense has a rich gourmand note of vanilla, vetiver, tropical fruit and frankincense.


Gul Ishboor dark chocolate: Our ethically made bean-to-bar dark chocolate bars are formulated with cardamom and a blend of pure sandalwood and jasmine extracts. Enjoy the flavor facets of chocolate together with our fragrant incense.

Our fragrances are mild and created for folks sensitive to harsh smells. However, if you still find our incense too strong to bear, light them in a well ventilated room for just 10 minutes, then snuff it out.  

Pair this set with our Rose Sherbet perfume, details are on our Perfume of the Season page.



USD 60/ INR 3500

Made on request

A special edition of our Chartreuse perfume reproduced as incense sticks: 

Inspired by the famous herbal liqueur made from a secret blend of 130 herbs, Litrahb Perfumery's version of Green Chartreuse approximates this storied elixir made by Carthusian monks since 1737. Distinguished by its bright green colour just like the liqueur, our perfume is as fresh, delicate and light as mist. Litrahb Perfumery’s 7th gourmand fragrance has soft, green, herbal and sweet-citrus notes, lent by vetiver, licorice, bergamot. 


Our perfume has been produced in various iterations: incense, edible perfume, chocolate, soap and now as tea. Fresh green herbal notes of liquorice and bergamot are blended in a traditional Earl Gray with lavender buds, fennel, cardamom and chamomile flowers. Each pack of loose leaf tea comes with a bundle of vetiver roots. 

Instructions: Wash the vetiver roots thoroughly and keep for each and every infusion. Pour freshly boiled water over a teaspoon of tea leaves and leave to infuse for a few minutes. Recommended quantity: 1 tsp / 2 cups or 1 tbsp / litre 

100 gm


What Patrons say:

Chartreuse perfume first intrigues visually, with its tender translucent green, recalling timid shoots of late-winter vegetation. Its scent is equally subtle, and like the winter-spring transition, is full of promise, hopefully looking ahead. Fresh, dewy, youthful, wearing it gives me a spring in my step. 


Dr. iola Lenzi

Historian & Curator

Contemporary Southeast Asian Art 

Singapore/ France

Pair this set with our Chartreuse perfume tea. Pair it with our Chartreuse perfume found here: Perfume of the Season

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