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INR 15,000 / USD 200


A Savoury Edible Perfume that is composed of 'dark' and 'light' elements. Black pepper, black salt, black cardamom and cacao nibs are beaten into 'light' - Rosemary,  Thyme, Tonka bean, Garlic powder and Pink Salt (Himalayan). It smells so metallic, so alien, so...outer space! Gourmand perfume notes of black cherry, almond liquor and dark chocolate complement the savoury facets that go well with meat, fish, tomato soup, over mac and cheese, over dark chocolate or lemon curd.

45 grams


Myrrh Absolute & Tonka Bean beaten into sugar. Use just a pinch as a finishing ingredient: flavour cocktails, beat into cream, butter or cake frosting.  

30 grams


Composed with Marigold CO2 extract, Champaca CO2 extract, Sandalwood oil, marmalade bits, a generous amount of Saffron, Cardamom pods, Turmeric, long black pepper, khus khus seeds + sugar. Add a pinch to a jug of water for flavour, add a dash to hot turmeric milk. Add a pinch to a bowl of Greek yoghurt with citrus fruit.

25 grams


Edible Perfume in raw honey harvested from bee-hives surrounded by coriander farms in Rajasthan, the nutty and citrus fragrance and flavour facets of the herb have been accentuated with Coriander + Magnolia (Champaca) + Ambrette CO2 extracts. Add a drop to a cup of black tea to elevate your aroma experience.


Use as a finishing ingredient: flavour cocktails, beat into cream, flavour tea or dilute the entire bottle into 250 grams honey.

60 grams.

Measuring spoon included. Plastic free packaging. 

Edition Size: 3 sets

Litrahb Perfumery's Edible Perfumes are meant for home cooks and professional chefs. Treat these as perfume-concentrates/ flavouring essences, a pinch goes a long way, so use them wisely.



SOLD OUT/ made on request

Star Light is a delicately perfumed scintillating cocoa powder meant for elevating your sensory experience of coffee, hot chocolate or ice-cream. Ingredients: hand pounded black cherries in sugar, black cardamom, green cardamom, long pepper, mint crystals, tonka bean, black salt. Fragrance notes: Vanilla, cherry, peppermint, spice. Measuring spoon included


3 Editions only. Plastic free packaging. 


100 grams

IMG_20191109_162231 (1).JPG



Available via our stockist The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Read about our Malli-Kaapi Synesthesia Project 

Malli-Kaapi Edible Perfume is a translation of our Malli-Kaapi fragrance. While, the full description of the perfume itself can be found on our Perfume of the Season page. Malli Kaapi in its perfume and edible form can be described as an intoxicating fragrance that combines the heady perfume of Jasmine buds or Malli, with the stimulating bitterness of coffee (Kaapi) and the heat from South Asian spices.


Edible Perfume Ingredients: CO2 Extracts of jasmine sambac, coffee, davana, hemidesmus, cardamom, have been pounded in with castor sugar, Himalayan salt, sandalwood powder, orange peel and spices such as: green and black cardamom, star anise, black pepper, clove, ginger, bay leaf, nutmeg crushed with a few grams of ambergris and tonka bean. Measuring spoon included – A pinch goes a long way.

What our patrons are saying:

Review by Perfumer and Playwright Alexander Helwani (Paris/ Dubai) and Perfumer JK DeLapp (USA).


"This cocoa powder based edible perfume adds an incredibly rich flavor to any dessert but it is especially good on vanilla ice cream. Bharti recommended one pinch on the ice cream so that's how I used it.  I also add 1/3 tsp in my cup of coffee.


My reaction upon first tasting this perfume was "Fucking good!". It has an otherworldly characteristic. My heartbeat raised so high and my mind blew away as if I ate some sort of drug. Eating it with the ice-cream was indescribably great: cold creamy vanilla, bombastically explosive Jasmin that smudges the whole mouth with spicy cardamom and salty ambergris.


It gave me a shiver for hours when I first tried it. THE best ice cream experience of my life. I originally bought 2 tins of Malli Kaapi to gift one to my friend, but then I kept it for myself. It's precious and it's all mine!" - Teasik Yun, South Korea

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